An Innovative Partnership and Methods for Knowledge Co-Production in Water Governance. The case study of the Gesso Stura Natural Park.


  • Eva Julia Lohse
  • Margherita Paola Poto UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  • Cecilia Campos
  • Stefano Duglio
  • Marina Engst
  • Marius Fischer
  • Richard Gänzle
  • Juliana Hayden-Nygren
  • David Kuhlmann
  • Irina Lawrenz
  • Andrew Morrison
  • Adele Owens
  • Giuliana Panieri
  • Giulia Parola
  • Arianna Porrone
  • Paul Schafmeister
  • Alexander Ströher
  • Thorben Weidelt



co-creation of knowledge , climate change, interdisciplinary research


This report describes the education, research activities and productive dialogue that took place over a 3-day workshop at the Gesso Stura Natural Park (Italy, Piedmont Region). The project was coordinated by Prof. Eva Julia Lohse in collaboration with Prof. Margherita Paola Poto, and funded by the DAAD to establish and strengthen collaboration between the University of Bayreuth and the University of Turin. The workshop aimed to explore interdisciplinary, novel methods for (legal and political) water governance in the age of climate crisis. It investigated how co-production of knowledge can be used in environmental decision-making processes so as to reach better decisions based on a broader knowledge base, increase acceptance of protection measures by the public, and improve management of areas hit by severe droughts to guarantee access to water for communities. The workshop builds on the long-standing cooperation between the two principal researchers and their institutions regarding participation in environmental decision-making, sustainable development and water governance in Italy and Germany. This cooperation has been further developed by joint research on co-production of knowledge with indigenous and local communities to address the complex legal and social questions raised by the climate crisis.


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Author Biography

Margherita Paola Poto, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Researcher, Norwegian Centre for the Law of the Sea, Faculty of Law

Artwork created for the interactive workshop "An innovative partnership and methods for knowledge co-production in water governance: The case study of the Gesso Stura natural park"




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Lohse, E. J., Poto, M. P., Campos, C., Duglio, S., Engst, M., Fischer, M., Gänzle, R., Hayden-Nygren, J., Kuhlmann, D., Lawrenz, I., Morrison, A., Owens, A., Panieri, G., Parola, G., Porrone, A., Schafmeister, P., Ströher, A., & Weidelt, T. (2023). An Innovative Partnership and Methods for Knowledge Co-Production in Water Governance. The case study of the Gesso Stura Natural Park . Septentrio Reports, (1).