The service is provided by The University Library of Tromsø and consists of both IT tools for editorial work, and a support service for editors. The IT tool used (Open Journals System, OJS) is a leader in institution-based publishing and covers both the editorial work processes with a submission and the on-line publishing of the finished article itself. The University Library offers editorial support for establishing a new journal, running support for the editors in using OJS and will work with the editors to ensure an efficient internet distribution of content to relevant search engines and databases to achieve maximum distribution and retrieval. The journal itself has to take all responsibility for the editorial work with manuscripts, peer reviewing and publishing.

Septentrio Academic Publishing offers its services provided that publications and all their content is made freely available without any demand that users create accounts, log in or subscribe in order to access content.

We invite editors of existing journals who are thinking of transitioning to digital editions to contact us to discuss what possibilities and demands this would entail. We also strongly suggest that scientific groups that are thinking of establishing new publication channels contact Septentrio Acacemic Publishing at septentrio@ub.uit.no

About Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

Most of the journals at Septentrio Academic Publishing use DOIs for identification of articles. With a DOI, your article has a permanent electronic reference, without broken links. In addition, some of our services depend on the use of the DOI system – such as CrossCheck, a plagiarism-screening tool from CrossRef.

DOIs in your References

As an author submitting to a journal that uses DOIs, you will have to add DOIs to those entries in your reference list that have a DOI. Septentrio Academic Publishing recommends that you present DOIs as clickable links with the syntax https://doi.org/numberstring/numberstring, e.g. https://doi.org/10.7557/11.3619. For a simple way of retrieving DOIs for your reference list, go to http://www.crossref.org/simpleTextQuery.

When you refer to your own article once it is published, use the DOI assigned to the article.

For more information on DOIs, see the DOI Handbook, https://doi.org/10.1000/182.


Septentrio Academic Publishing recommends researchers to set up an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) that ties a researcher’s identity to research objects. An ORCID is especially relevant for you if you have a name that you share with other researchers/authors, if you have changed your name or if you have multiple first/middle names (that publishers are not consistent with). Note that some publishers and research funders require ORCID. When submitting a manuscript to a journal at Septentrio Academic Publishing, you have the option of providing your ORCID, such that the publication will be automatically connected to your ORCID profile.

For more information on ORCID go to https://orcid.org/about/what-is-orcid.