Предложные фразы как предикаты в русском языке
(Prepositional phrases as predicates in Russian)

  • Lennart Lönngren University of Tromsø
Keywords: Prepositional phrases in Russian


According to valency properties PPs can be divided into those with semantic and those with syntactic preposition. Amongst the latter (which here are referred to as PRPs) we must distinguish those which behave as predicates and those which don't, that is PRPs with and PRPs without
The paper deals with PRPs functioning as predicates. These are treated as transforms of more underived constructions. Often the PRP functions
as part of the syntactic predicate, together with the copula or an empty verb. There are cases when it is not easy to decide whether the preposition is semantic or syntactic, or whether the verb is empty or not.
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Lönngren, Lennart. 2010. “Предложные фразы как предикаты в русском языке<Br>(Prepositional Phrases As Predicates in Russian)”. Poljarnyj Vestnik 13 (January):5-10. https://doi.org/10.7557/6.1260.
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