Валентностный банк – пожалуйста!
(A valency bank - please!)

  • Lennart Lönngren University of Tromsø
Keywords: valency


A comprehensive collection of Russian examples is now available at free disposal. The examples are ordered according to valency properties. The main division is based on the number of constituencies of the syntactic "atom", i.e. a predicate together with the actants it immediately
dominates. A secondary division takes into account the part-of-speech membership of the predicate. Finally, within each part-of-speech group the examples are classified according to syntactic transformation properties into underived and different types of derived structures.
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Lönngren, Lennart. 2010. “Валентностный банк – пожалуйста!<Br>(A Valency Bank - please!)”. Poljarnyj Vestnik 13 (January):11-14. https://doi.org/10.7557/6.1261.
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