Why послушать, but услышать?

  • Tore Nesset University of Tromsø
  • Laura A. Janda University of Tromsø
  • Julia Kuznetsova University of Tromsø
  • Olga Lyashevskaya University of Tromsø
  • Anastasia Makarova University of Tromsø
  • Svetlana Sokolova University of Tromsø
Keywords: Russian, aspect, prefixes, perception verbs


This article provides a preliminary analysis of aspectual prefixation of Russian perception verbs. It is argued that the choice of prefix is not arbitrary, but depends on the meaning of the verb stem.
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Nesset, Tore, Laura A. Janda, Julia Kuznetsova, Olga Lyashevskaya, Anastasia Makarova, and Svetlana Sokolova. 2008. “Why <i>по</i>слушать, But <i>у</I>слышать?”. Poljarnyj Vestnik 11 (January):38-46. https://doi.org/10.7557/6.1300.
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