Русские поэты в зеркале стихотворений Николая Рубцова
(Russian poets in the mirror of poems by Nikolaj Rubcov)

  • Erik Egeberg University of Tromsø
Keywords: Russian, literature, poetry, Nikolaj Rubcov


In this paper the author briefly analyzes some poems by the North Russian poet Nikolaj Michajlovič Rubcov (1936-71), in which he is portraying or hinting at earlier Russian masters of poetry - Esenin, Puškin, Lermontov etc. It is pointed out that Rubcov shows a predilection for poets with a tragic fate and that his portraits provide a rather traditional view on these men, among whom Nikolaj Rubcov is trying to define his own position.
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Egeberg, Erik. 1998. “Русские поэты в зеркале стихотворений Николая Рубцова<Br>(Russian Poets in the Mirror of Poems by Nikolaj Rubcov)”. Poljarnyj Vestnik 1 (February):110-16.
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