Vol. 12 (2022): Marine Mammals in the North Atlantic

The cover image shows a seal lying on a rock, by the sea.

This volume is based on an open call for new knowledge (from across all disciplines) relevant for the conservation and management of marine mammals in the North Atlantic. This volume 12 of the NAMMCO Scientific Publications is dedicated to Gísli Arnór Víkingsson (1956-2022), in acknowledgement of his contribution to the work of the NAMMCO Scientific Committee and cetacean research in general.

Series Editors: Albert Fernández Chacón, Heleen Middel and Fern Wickson

Published: 2021-05-18

Volume Preface

In Memoriam

Workshop Reports

  • Report of the NAMMCO-ICES Workshop on Seal Modelling (WKSEALS 2020)

    Sophie Smout, Kimberly Murray, Geert Aarts, Martin Biuw, Sophie Brasseur, Alejandro Buren, Fanny Empacher, Anne Kirstine Frie, James Grecian, Mike Hammill, Bjarni Mikkelsen, Arnaud Mosnier, Aqqalu Rosing-Asvid, Debbie Russell, Hans Skaug, Garry Stenson, Len Thomas, Jay ver Hoef, Lars Witting, Vladimir Zabavnikov, Tor Arne Øigård, Ruth Fernandez, Fern Wickson