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Science Communication


News Archive from CAGE website

An overview of the CAGE press releases can be found on the CAGE News Archive page. 


Cruise blogs

All the CAGE cruise blogs can be found on the CAGE Cruise Blog Archive page.


Interactive cruise blogs

AKMA-OceanSenses Research Expedition. Exploring extreme environments with a focus on science and education. 2021. Mariana Esteves and Giuliana Panieri. 

Hopendjupet Seepage Area. CAGE21-6 Research cruise on-board the R/V G.O.Sars. 2021. Mariana Esteves, Henry Patton, Arunima Sen, Vincent Carrier, Clea Fabian, Marie Stetzler, Mauro Pau, Karina Weiler, Christine Tømmervik Kollsgård, and Monica Winsborrow. 


Social Media Platforms

The CAGE social media accounts below will remain active but will not be regularly updated or maintained.

Twitter: @cage_coe

Instagram: @cage.coe




2021: An Arctic Seabed Odyssey (CAGE polar night research cruise to the central Barents Sea). 2022. Mauro Pau. 

Cracks beneath methane craters in the Barens sea. 2020. Maja Sojtaric. 

New study reveals cracks beneath giant, methane gushing craters. 2020. Maja Sojtaric. 

Intensity of past methane release measured with new, groundbreaking methods. 2020. Maja Sojtaric. 

Methane Gas Flare Locations in Arctic Ocean. 2020. Benedicte Ferré and Maja Sojtaric. 

Echo sounder survey of methane flares in Arctic Ocean. 2020. Benedicte Ferré and Maja Sojtaric. 

Temperature variations in the Arctic Ocean. 2020. Benedicte Ferré and Maja Sojtaric. 

Climate gas budgets highly overestimate methane discharge from Arctic Ocean. 2020. Maja Sojtaric. 

Unlikely friends: The Arctic Ocean and the Indian Monsoon. 2017. Maja Sojtaric. 

Exploring the Lofoten canyons. 2017. Maja Sojtaric. 

Massive craters on Arctic Ocean floor caused by methane blow out. 2017. Maja Sojtaric. 

800m high methane flares in the Arctic Ocean. 2017. Alexey Portnov. 

View of the methane seeps in the Arctic. 2016. Johan Faust and Maja Sojtaric.