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This section lists Doctoral dissertations


  • Anglada-Ortiz, G. (2023). Planktonic foraminifers and shelled pteropods in the Barents Sea: Seasonal distribution and contribution to the carbon pump of the living fauna, and foraminiferal development during the last three millenniaSupervised by: Rasmussen, T.; Zamelczyk, K.; Chierici, M.; Fransson, A.; Ziveri, P.
  • Domel, P. (2023). Seismicity of the western-Svalbard margin and its relationship with near surface fluid flow and seepage systems - A study using ocean bottom seismometers.Supervised by: Plaza Faverola, A.; Bünz, S.; Schlindwein, V.


  • Dølven, K. O. (2022). Measuring Methane in the Arctic Ocean - From legal framework to time series analysis via technology innovation. Supervised by: Ferré, B.; Linke, P.
  • Sert, M. F. (2022). Biogeochemistry of dissolved organic matter in Arctic Ocean waters charged with methane. Supervised by: Silyakova, A.; Gründger, F.; Niemann, H.


  • Carrier, V. (2021). Microbial community structure associated to Arctic cold seeps. Supervised by: Svenning, M. M.; Kalenitchenko, D.; Gründger, F.; Niemann, H.
  • El Bani Altuna, N. (2021). Millennial-scale variability of Atlantic water inflow in the northern Nordic Seas and the northwestern Barents Sea - Relationship to abrupt climate oscillations, cryosphere and methane seepage from the seafloor. Supervised by: Rasmussen, T.L.; Ezat, M.
  • Melaniuk, K. (2021). Assessing the relationship between living benthic foraminifera and methane emission in the Arctic Ocean. Supervised by: Rasmussen, T.L.; Treude, T.; Zajaczakowski, M.; Sztybor, K.
  • Ofstad, S. (2021). Arctic planktonic calcifiers in a changing ocean - A study on recent planktonic foraminifera and shelled pteropods in the Fram Strait-Barents Sea region. Supervised by: Rasmussen, T.L.; Zamelczyk, K.; Meilland, J.


  • Yao, H. (2020). Reconstruction of past and present methane emission in the Arctic cold seeps using biogeochemical proxies. Supervised by: Panieri, G.; Niemann, H.


  • Shackleton, C. (2019). Subglacial hydrology of the Fennoscandian and Barents Sea ice sheets. Supervised by: Winsborrow, M.; Andreassen, K.; Bjarnadóttir, L. R.; Patton, H.
  • Singhroha, S. (2019). Distribution and quantification of gas hydrates and free gas in marine sediments of Vestnesa Ridge, offshore W-Svalbard. Supervised by: Bünz, S.; Plaza-Faverola, A.; Chand, S.
  • Waghorn, K. A. (2019). Scales of tectonic processes controlling fluid flow systems on the Svyatogor Ridge, Fram Strait. Supervised by: Bünz, S.; Plaza-Faverola, A.
  • Waage, M. (2019). 3D and 4D seismic investigations of fluid flow and gas hydrate systems - at sites across the Barents Sea and NW Svalbard margin. Supervised by: Bünz, S.; Mienert, J.; Andreassen, K.


  • Esteves, M. d. S. R. (2018). Collapse of a marine-based ice sheet. Supervised by: Winsborrow, M.; Andreassen, K.; Rüther, D.C.; Bjarnadóttir, L.R.
  • Jansson, P. (2018). Methane bubbles in the Arctic Ocean - Quantification, variability analysis and modelling of free and dissolved methane from the seafloor to the atmosphere. Supervised by: Ferre, B.
  • Paiste, K. (2018). Reconstructing the Paleoproterozoic sulfur cycle: Insights from the multiple sulfur isotope record of the Zaonega Formation, Karelia, Russia. Supervised by: Lepland, A.; Zerkle, A.L.; Wing, B.A.; Panieri, G.
  • Schneider, A. (2018). Diagenetically altered benthic foraminifera reveal paleo-methane seepage. Supervised by: Panieri, G.; Knies, J.; Lepland, A.
  • Serov, P. (2018). Cryosphere-controlled methane release throughout the last glacial cycle. Supervised by: Andreassen, K.; Mienert, J.; Carroll, J.
  • Åström, E. (2018). Benthic communities at high-Arctic cold seeps: Faunal response to methane seepage in Svalbard. Supervised by: Carroll, J.; Carroll, M.; Ambrose, W.G.


  • Sztybor, K. (2017). Late glacial and deglacial paleoceanographic and environmental changes at Vestnesa Ridge, Fram Strait: challenges in reading methane-influenced sedimentary records. Supervised by: Rasmussen, T.L.
  • Tasianas, A. (2017). Fluid flow at the Snøhvit field, SW Barents Sea: processes, driving mechanisms and multi-phase modelling. Supervised by: Bünz, S.; Mienert, J.


  • Sauer, S. (2016). Past and present natural methane seepage on the northern Norwegian continental shelf. Supervised by: Knies, J.; Lepland, A.; Schubert, C.; Mienert, J.


  • Chauhan, T. (2015). Late Quaternary paleoceanography of the northern continental margin of Svalbard. Supervised by: Noormets, R.; Rasmussen, T.L.
  • Ezat, M. (2015). North Atlantic–Norwegian Sea exchanges during the past 135,000 years: Evidence from foraminiferal ∆14C, d11B, d18O, d​13C, Mg/Ca and Cd/Ca. Supervised by: Rasmussen, T.L.; Groeneveld, J.
  • Gudlaugsson, E. (2015). Modelling the subglacial hydrology of the former Barents Sea Ice Sheet. Supervised by: Andreassen, K.; Humbert, A.
  • Jessen, S. P. (2015). Ice rafting, Ocean circulation and Glacial activity on the western Svalbard margin 0–74,000 years BP. Supervised by: Rasmussen, T.L.
  • Portnov, A. D. (2015). Role of subsea permafrost and gas hydrate in postglacial Arctic methane releases. Supervised by: Mienert, J.


  • Faust, J. C. (2014). Environmental response to past and recent climate variability in the Trondheimsfjord region, central Norway - A multiproxy geochemical approach. Supervised by: Knies, J.
  • Vadakkepuliyambatta, S. (2014). Sub-seabed fluid-flow systems and gas hydrates of the SW Barents Sea and North Sea margins. Supervised by: Bünz, S.; Mienert, J.; Chand, S.


  • Safronova, P. (2013). Distribution, depositional environment and post-depositional deformation of Cenozoic gravity-induced deposits along the western Barents Sea continental margin. Supervised by: Andreassen, K.; Laberg, J.S; Vorren, T.O.