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Cruise Reports

Vol. 5 (2017)

CAGE17-4 Cruise Report: Recovery of observatory and water column survey offshore Svalbard

  • Bénédicte Ferré
6 February 2023


The cruise was conducted from August 3rd to 5th 2017 as part of the Centre of Excellence for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate (CAGE) at UiT –The Arctic University of Norway.

The main goal of the cruise was to recover the observatory K-Lander 2 deployed in October 2016 offshore Svalbard, at the same location where OS2 was deployed in June 2015 and recovered in May 2016.

The present cruise also aimed at continuing the water samples and CTD survey on the shallow shelf and the shelf edge presenting extensive flares western Svalbard. The addressed scientific topics include quantification of methane concentration in the water column, temperature and salinity (via CTD casts), echosounder and multibeam signals and current (amplitude and direction).

The cruise may be known as: CAGE17_4


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