The Greenland muskox population status 1990

  • David Boertmann
  • Mards Forchhammer
  • Carsten Riis Olesen
  • Peter Aastrup
  • Henning Thing
Keywords: muskox, Greenland, population size, population trends


The indigenous population of muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) in North and Northeast Greenland is estimated at 9 500-12 500 which is about the half of the previous estimate. This difference is mainly explained by a much better basis for estimating and to a lesser extent by a general population decrease in Northeast Greenland. The introduced population in the Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord) area is still increasing, and is now (1990) estimated at c. 2 600. Quota based harvesting has been allowed since 1988. New populations have been introduced to the Ivittuut-area in Southwest Greenland in 1987 and to three locations in the Avanersuaq (Thule) area in Northwest Greenland in 1986. The present status of the latter populations are more or less unknown, while the Ivittuut population is thriving and has a very high rate of increase.
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Boertmann, D., Forchhammer, M., Olesen, C. R., Aastrup, P., & Thing, H. (1992). The Greenland muskox population status 1990. Rangifer, 12(1), 5-12.