Rangifer Report

From 2023 we invite submissions for publication in non-peer-reviewed volumes of Rangifer Report. A Rangifer Report may contain summaries from conferences or popular science reports of research published elsewhere of high relevance to Rangifer’s readers.

Material for Rangifer Report can be written in English or a Scandinavian language (Swedish or Norwegian). If the text is written in Scandinavian, an English abstract and figure/table legends in English should be included. Although not peer-reviewed, the material needs to be of good scientific quality (as judged by the editors/editorial team). Agreement on format and other requisites for publication is made with the editors.

Authors are encouraged to check that all submitted material is equally accessible for people with diverse abilities, therefore images (pictures, charts, diagrams, graphs, etc.) require a text alternative. Colour should not be the only visual means of conveying information. Parts of graphics should have sufficient contrast against adjacent colours. You are recommended to use Word’s accessibility checker before submitting your manuscript.

Submit your manuscript using the online submission system, or as an email attachment sent to the editor.