Ultrasonic Imaging of Reproductive Events in Muskoxen

  • Emma K. Hoare
  • Sarah E. Parker
  • Peter F. Flood
  • Gregg P. Adams
Keywords: reproduction, ovary, corpus luteum, Ovibos moschatus, ultrasound, follicle


To our knowledge, this is the first detailed report of ovarian follicular dynamics in a wild species. It seems that the pattern in muskoxen, with major and minor waves and a short first cycle, is similar to that in goats. Insight of this kind is important in the design of appropriate artificial breeding systems and in this respect, the muskox may provide a useful model for the endangered takin {Budorcas taxicolor). A detailed knowledge of ovarian events may also be critical to the interpretation of the response of wild populations to environmental stress.
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Hoare, E. K., Parker, S. E., Flood, P. F., & Adams, G. P. (1997). Ultrasonic Imaging of Reproductive Events in Muskoxen. Rangifer, 17(3), 119-123. https://doi.org/10.7557/
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