Reindeer warble fly larvae found in red deer

  • A. C. Nilssen Zoology Department, Tromsø Museum, N-9000 Tromsø, Norway
  • J. O. Gjershaug Sognli Forsøksgård, N-7320 Fannrem, Norway
Keywords: Oedemagena tarandi, Hypoderma tarandi, Cervus elaphus, Rangifer tarandus, Alces alces, reindeer, caribou, red deer, moose, exotic host, unsuitable host, reindeer warble fly, Norway


Seven third instar larvae of the reindeer warble fly (Hypoderma (=Oedemagena) tarandi) were found in a 2-3 year old male red deer {Cervus elaphus) shot on 14 November 1985 at Todalen, western Norway. This it, the first report of H. tarandi from red deer. In reindeer third instar larvae are found from February to June, and the unusual date of this record indicates a delayed development of the larvae due to abnormal host reactions. Warble fly larvae, probably H. tarandi, are also reported from moose {Alces alces) in northern Norway.
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NilssenA. C., & GjershaugJ. O. (1988). Reindeer warble fly larvae found in red deer. Rangifer, 8(1), 35-37.