Seaweed against strontium and preussian blue against cesium

  • G Michanek Dept of Marine Botany, University of Goteborg, Sweden
Keywords: seaweed, alginate, radioisotopes, strontium, cesium, reindeer


The fact that alginates bind strontium and cyanates bind cesium and are capable of removing these elements from living organisms is scientifically verified. Zeolites offer another possibility for exchange of these ions. Practical research should be initiated to find the right doses and procedure to decrease the body burden of radioactive isotopes in reindeer.

Alger mot strontium och berlinerblått mot cesium.

Abstract in Swedish / Sammanfattning: Mitt budskap år kort: Alger binder strontium, Berlinerblått binder cesium, Sätt fart på forskning och forsök!

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MichanekG. (1988). Seaweed against strontium and preussian blue against cesium. Rangifer, 8(2), 53-56.