Malignant catarrhal fever in wild Swedish moose (Alces alces L)

  • Ibrahim Yussuf Warame Sida International postgraduate programme on Veterinary Pathology. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Dept. of Pathology. Box 7028, S-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden
  • Margareta Steen National Veterinary Institute, S-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden
Keywords: Alces alces L, moose, malignant catarrhal fever, Sweden


Malignant catarrhal fever (MCF) was diagnosed in two moose (Alces alces L) from the county of Uppland, Sweden. The animals showed an abnormal behaviour e.g. nervous signs as circling movements, nodding of the head and lack of awareness. One of these two animals was shot. The other was found dead on the day after being observed. Gross and histologic findings revealed characteristic lesions of MCF. Serological investigation and viral isolation for BVD and IBR/IPV viruses were negative.
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Warame, I. Y., & Steen, M. (1989). Malignant catarrhal fever in wild Swedish moose (Alces alces L). Rangifer, 9(2), 51-57.