Vol 40, No 1 (2013)

Special XL Issue

Special Issue: A Festschrift on the occasion of X years of CASTL phonology and Curt Rice's Lth birthday, edited by Sylvia Blaho, Martin Krämer, and Bruce Morén-Duolljá 

Table of Contents


Editors' Foreword, Epigraph, and Tabula Gratulatoria PDF
Sylvia Blaho, Martin Krämer, Bruce Morén-Duolljá ii-iv


The behavior of secondary consonant clusters in Swiss French child language PDF
Helene N. Andreassen 1-19
Hungarian neutral vowels: A microcomparison PDF
Sylvia Blaho, Dániel Szeredi 20-40
The lexicon has its grammar, which the grammar knows nothing of. Marginal contrast and phonological theory PDF
Patrik Bye 41-54
The influence of loanwords on Norwegian and English stress PDF
B. Elan Dresher 55-65
Head-dependent asymmetries in Munster Irish prosody PDF
Pavel Iosad 66-107
Two types of parasitic assimilation PDF
Peter Jurgec 108-135
On the (in)fissibility of intervocalic consonants in Norwegian and German: Evidence from a word game PDF
Martin Krämer, Barbara Vogt 136-165
The intricate connection between diphthongs and stress in Spanish PDF
Violeta Martínez-Paricio 166-195
The prosody of Swedish underived nouns: No lexical tones required PDF
Bruce Morén-Duolljá 196-248
Formal Phonology PDF
Dave Odden 249-273
A consumer guide to phonological evidence PDF
Marc van Oostendorp 274-293
In a tight spot: An analogy-bound gap in the Hungarian verbal paradigm PDF
Péter Rebrus, Miklós Törkenczy 294-300
Modularity, Phase-Phase Faithfulness and prosodification of function words in English PDF
Dragana Šurkalović 301-322
Set the controls for the heart of the alternation: Dahl’s Law in Kitharaka PDF
Christian Uffmann 323-337
Overapplication opacity in phonological acquisition PDF
Olga Urek 338-358
Labialization in Cairene Arabic PDF
Islam Youssef 359-368