'Ser' focalizador como mezcolanza sintactica

Miguel Vázquez-Larruscaín

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7557/


Ser focalizador; foco; hendidas; construcciones; mezclas


ABSTRACT. This paper recovers the point of view that ser focalizador constructions C-SF are syntactic blends, in opposition to two other contending views, according to which ser focalizador is either a focal proyection within a monoclausal structure or a reduced pseudo-cleft. It is also claimed that a merely constructionist analysis of C-SF is insufficient to account for the distributional properties of these hybrid constructions. Among the syntactic options, the monoclausal claim is chosen. Finally, it is shown that there are better alternatives, with a simpler syntax, than focal syntactic projections. Thus, complications are sent back to the study of rules projecting focus upwards in the syntactic tree, as a fundamental aspect of the interface between grammar, interpretation, and sound.


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