Russian Queens of Crime Novels and their Gender Stereotypes

  • Olga Komarova Department of Culture and Literature, University of Tromsø
Emneord (Nøkkelord): Russisk litteratur,


Every autumn Muscovites who like books eagerly anticipate the most important event of the year, a great international book market in Moscow where almost every publishing house in the country presents its new offerings. This event represents an occasion to look at and buy new books, and a chance to meet a favourite author and receive an autograph. It is almost certain that the most popular authors will be the well-known women writers of crime stories. While some of the male writers may feel offended, it is a well-known fact that the Russian literature of detection is dominated by women.


Olga Komarova, Department of Culture and Literature, University of Tromsø
Olga Komarova er opprinnelig fra St. Petersburg, hvor hun har
vært tilknyttet nordisk institutt ved universitetet i St. Petersburg. Hun har vært ansatt ved Universitetet i Tromsø siden 1992, hvor hun er tilknyttet faggruppen for russisk språk og litteratur. Hennes forskningsområder omfatter komparative filologiske studier, oversettelsesteori, moderne russisk stilistikk og kvinnelitteratur. Olga Komarova har også oversatt norsk skjønnlitteratur til russisk.
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Komarova, Olga. 2005. «Russian Queens of Crime Novels and Their Gender Stereotypes». Nordlit 9 (2), 79-90.