Are the Netherlands a Nordic Country?

Reflections on Understanding the Lutheran Tradition in the Netherlands

  • Sabine Hiebsch Theological University Kampen




Sabine Hiebsch, Theological University Kampen

Prof. Dr. Sabine Hiebsch holds the Kooiman-Boendermaker Chair for Luther Research and the History of (Dutch) Lutheranism at Theological University Kampen, the Netherlands. She studied Catholic and Protestant theology in Paris, Tübingen, Amsterdam and Bonn.

Hiebsch combines Luther research with the history of the Lutherans in the Low Countries, including the reception of Luther’s theology, and the religious life in Lutheran congregations and their international connections.

Hvordan referere
Hiebsch, Sabine. 2019. «Are the Netherlands a Nordic Country?». Nordlit, nr. 43 (september):68–86.