Svalbard as a Motif and a Place of Artistic Exploration

Insights from an Art Gallery Director


  • Jan Martin Berg Galleri Svalbard



Kåre Tveter, Solveig Egeland, Terje Roalkvam, Sigbjørn Bratlie, Risa Horowitz, Stein Henningsen, Galleri Svalbard, The Recherche expedition, Artist in residence, Trash people, Ocean Hope, The Schnork Institute of Arctic Research, Arctic Action, I set out to track the sun, HA Schult


The article outlines the history of artists’ exploration of Svalbard as a motif, and then proceeds to describe a number of more recent art practices by the artists relating to Svalbard in the new millennium. The article traces the artists’ development from being supporters of research by providing visual material, to becoming researchers in their own right.

Author Biography

Jan Martin Berg, Galleri Svalbard

Cand. Philol., Director at Galleri Svalbard. Latest publications: “SpareBank1 Nord-Norges kunststiftelses samling”in: Ljøgodt, Knut, and Charis Gullickson (eds): SpareBank 1 Nord-Norges kunstsamling: Utvalgte verker, exhibition catalogue, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromsø 2011; “Grafikk i Nord-Norge – Noen historiske riss ‘fra provinsen’”, Kunst Pluss, 2011.


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