No. 5 (1999): Regular Issue 1999

Edited by Astrid Sollid Brokke, Rolf Gaasland, Sandra Lee Kleppe, and Henning Howlid Wærp.


Nordlit 5 is an open issue which illustrates the depth and breadth of research in literary studies at the Humanities Faculty, University of Tromsø. Our guests in this issue are Hermann Pálsson from the University of Edinburgh, Ruben Moi from Harstad College, and UiT graduate student Nina Evensen. The other contributors are faculty members. The articles in this issue may be read individually or in thematic groups. The first five are about indigenous and/or minority literatures, followed by one about Eastern German literature after 1990. Two articles focus on Norwegian women writers, and one on the relationship between comparative literature and documentation studies. The final four articles are about different aspects of anglo(American) literature and culture. The reviews in this issue discuss two recent books published in Norwegian. The titles in the list of contents on the cover of this issue, however, provide the best guide to the curious reader. Have a pleasant read.
Published: 1999-01-05