Managing second-growth forests as caribou habitat

  • Susan K. Stevenson Silvifauna Research, 101 Burden St., Prince George, British Columbia, Canada V2M 2G8
Keywords: woodland caribou, British Columbia, habitat management, arboreal lichens, forestry


Habitat management for woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in southeastern British Columbia has generally focussed on protecting old-growth forests from logging. As that strategy becomes more difficult to maintain, biologists are beginning to explore opportunities to manage second-growth stands to provide arboreal lichens and other habitat resources important to caribou. Special harvesting and stand management practices are being developed and formulated into strategies for maintaining caribou populations in managed stands.
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Stevenson, S. K. (1990). Managing second-growth forests as caribou habitat. Rangifer, 10(3), 139-144.