Data systems for improvement of reindeer production

  • C. J. Petersson
  • D. Lenvik
  • Ö. Nissen
Keywords: reindeer production, data systems, selection program


This paper presents a calf selection program, a recording and a database system developed as a part of a joint Swedish - Norwegian development project where one of the main objectives is to improve identification, handling and production recording systems. The systems are used in a reindeer flock in the south parts of the reindeer area in Sweden. The additional marking system has been used in this flock since 1981 and procedures for identification of the mothers of the calves has been used since 1986.
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Petersson, C. J., Lenvik, D., & Nissen, Ö. (1990). Data systems for improvement of reindeer production. Rangifer, 10(5), 22-28.