Nr 31 (2014)

Border Aesthetics


Forord og annet redaksjonelt

Border aesthetics/border works PDF


Rasquache aesthetics in Alex Rivera’s “Why Cybraceros?” PDF
Debra Ann Castillo 7-23
Images and stories from the borderlands PDF
Ulrike Meinhof 25-47
Reading and reacting: from the research of border conditions to experimental methods in architectural and urban design PDF
Marc Schoonderbeek, Klaske Havik 49-58
Blackness, religion, aesthetics: Johannes Anyuru’s literary explorations of migration and diaspora PDF
Anne Heith 59-70
The geopolitics of northern travels: enactments of adventure and exploration in the Norwegian-Russian borderland PDF
Urban Wråkberg 71-89
The Soviet Union and Soviet citizens in Finnish magazines PDF
Tuija Saarinen 91-108
Zooming in - zooming out: politics of photographic aesthetics across Finnish-Soviet borders in the 1930s PDF
Mari Ristolainen 109-131
Killing King Kong: the camera at the borders of the tropical island, 1767-1937 PDF
Johannes Riquet 133-149
Wolfian border poetics and contemporary circadian novels PDF
Anka Ryall 151-159
Borders and boundaries in Northern Ireland and the poetry of Seamus Heaney PDF
Ruben Moi 161-170
Border poetics PDF
Liv Lundberg 171-174