An Essay about Indigenous Methodology


  • Jelena Porsanger



epistemology, power relations in research, indigenous research, indigenous methodologies, research ethics


In this essay the author intends to articulate methodological issues, which are primarily important for indigenous researchers in the light of the indigenous perspective.

Author Biography

Jelena Porsanger

Born and grew up on the Russian side of Samiland, the descendant of the Osipov-family from the Njuõ´ttjäu´rr (Russ. Notozero). Graduated as the Licentiate in Philosophy from the University of Helsinki, Department of Comparative Religion, in 1998. Worked as an Associate Professor in Sami culture at the Department of Sami (University of Tromsø) from 1998 to 2000. Currently writing a doctoral thesis entitled “Sources for the study of the Eastern Saami Indigenous Religion during the period from the 17th to the 20t h century: application of
indigenous methodology to source criticism”.




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Porsanger, Jelena. 2004. “An Essay about Indigenous Methodology”. Nordlit, no. 15 (July):105–120.