In today's academic study in the field of literature, some of the main focuses are on identity, nationality and minorities. Inspired by the PENconference on this theme, held in Tromsø in September 2004, this issue of Nordlit is therefore dedicated to the subject of "minorities". On the editorial board we perceived this conference as an excellent opportunity of presenting articles from the field of literature to "literature" itself, i.e. the authors from all over the world gathered in Tromsø for one week. We announced a call for papers to various minority studies institutes in Tromsø, Norway and the rest of the world at the end of 2003. An especially enthusiastic response came from one particular minority study institute, that of Sámi literature; as a result, this forms the main part of this issue, which suits this Arctic publication well. In addition, there are articles on the topics of minorities, e.g. North American Indians, Russian Nenets and the Traveller people of Scandinavia. All in all, our sincere hope is that this issue of Nordlit will be of interest to everyone studying identity, nationality and minority: indeed, anyone with an interest in literature in general. Have a pleasant read.
Publisert: 2004-07-26

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