The Majority Society’s View of ‘the Other’ versus the Minority’s View of Itself

How the Traveller People Are Reflected in Selected Texts from Both Sides


  • Bo Hazell



Travellers, tatter, romani



Author Biography

Bo Hazell

Bo Hazell has devoted twelve years of his life to studying the Travellers' way of living, their culture and language, and the progress of their integration into society in Norway, Sweden, France, Holland, England and Ireland. In 1997 he produced a large number of radio programmes about the Traveller people, and in 1998 he created a documentary film for Sveriges Television (Swedish Television, SVT), in collaboration with TV producer and film-maker Lars-Göran Pettersson, and a documentary TV series for UR. In 2002, Bo Hazell's book, "Resandefolket - från tattare till traveller" (The Traveller people - from tinkers to Travellers) was published by Ordfront Förlag. He has given over 80 lectures and other public performances concerning his book to teachers and students in universities, pupils in High Schools, national and local politicians and civil servants, and other groups of people. He was declared Educator of the Year in 2002




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Hazell, Bo. 2004. “The Majority Society’s View of ‘the Other’ Versus the Minority’s View of Itself: How the Traveller People Are Reflected in Selected Texts from Both Sides”. Nordlit, no. 15 (July):167–189.