Knut Hamsun og Bulgaria: Om den tidlige Hamsun-resepsjonen i et land på Balkan

  • Evgenia Tetimova Universitetet i Sofia
Emneord (Nøkkelord): Knut Hamsun, resepsjon, Bulgaria, kulturmøte, kulturkontakt, oversettelse, stilistisk analyse,


 The paper investigates the main problems of Knut Hamsun's reception in Bulgaria. It is an attempt to classify the language peculiarities in the works of the Norwegian writer and their delivering by translation into Bulgarian, which was made in the context of the culture transfer. Materials of the research are the original texts and all accessible translations to Bulgarian: works of art analyzed here from linguistic point of view by a linguostylistic analyze.
Hvordan referere
Tetimova, Evgenia. 2009. «Knut Hamsun Og Bulgaria: Om Den Tidlige Hamsun-Resepsjonen I Et Land På Balkan». Nordlit, nr. 25 (september):7-28.