No. 4 (1998): Aspects of Gender and Russian Literature

Мари́на Ива́новна Цвета́ева
Edited by Astrid Sollid Brokke, Rolf Gaasland, Sandra Lee Kleppe, and Henning Howlid Wærp.


Nordlit 4 bases its content on a workshop arranged and financed by the Nordic Academy for Advanced Study (NorFa) in June 1998 at the Russian Department in Tromsø. The overarching theme of the workshop was Russian literature and its representation of gender and sexuality. Doctoral students from several Nordic countries, as well as our invited senior lecturers, contributed with different approaches to our subject of investigation. Several of their papers are collected here. We apologize to our readers for the late arrival of this autumn issue; the spring number of Nordlit is just around the corner! Have a pleasant read.
Published: 1998-10-05