No. 1 (1997): Writing and a Sense of Place

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Edited by Astrid Sollid Brokke, Rolf Gaasland, Sandra Lee Kleppe, and Henning Howlid Wærp.


Nordlit 1 has a sense of place. For four exhilarating days in August 1996 scholars from five countries, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Scotland and the United States met in Tromsø to participate in the ‘Writing and a Sense of Place’ symposium. Although they have backgrounds in a variety of fields, they share a common interest in the symposium theme. In August we had the opportunity to engage in lively discussions due to ample time allotted for this purpose. Now that the twelve papers appear in print both the participants as well as a larger audience have the opportunity to read the fruits of our efforts to elaborate on what a sense of place means and the implicit and explicit consequences this sense of place has for how we write about and live in places. Have a pleasant read.
Published: 1998-02-06