No. 33 (2014): Rara avis in Ultima Thule

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Edited by Per Pippin Aspaas, Sigrid Albert (Saarbrücken), and Fredrik Nilsen. Paper-cut owl by Synnøve des Bouvrie and Sigmund Nesset.


Nordlit 33 est libellus festivus Sunnivae des Bouvrie dedicatus. ‘Rara avis in Ultima Thule’ (A rare bird in Ultima Thule) is a Festschrift dedicated to Synnøve des Bouvrie. Apart from the introduction, all the Festschrift is divided into four parts, one of which is occupied by researchers of myths, the other by philosophers and scholars of literature, the third by those who work on the history of what in their own language is called ‘Nordområdene’, ‘Pohjoiset alueet’ or ‘Davviguovllut’, or ‘Thule’ in Latin, while those who promote the study of living Latinity occupy the fourth. All these differ from each other in language, customs and laws. Thus, there are twelve articles in English, seven in Latin, four in Norwegian and a single article in each of the languages French, North Sami and Swedish. Furthermore, one author represents Transalpine Gaul; another, Upper Germany; a third, the ancient seat of the House of Habsburg; a fourth, the people that the Norwegians call ‘söta bror’ (sweet brother), i.e., the Swedes; a fifth, the Danes that are (almost) identical to those whom Laocoon feared “even when bringing gifts”; two further authors are from the so-called ‘horned Finns’, yet another represents those who according to Caesar are “the bravest of all these”, namely, the Belgians; then, there are four affiliated to universities in those ‘new worlds’ that Tethys revealed; and finally, from institutions of higher learning within Norway altogether fourteen authors have contributed to this book. […] Above all, we wish to thank Synnøve for her relentless efforts over the years, in which she has taught, researched and disseminated knowledge about classical languages and culture. The Department of Culture and Literature at the UiT with head of department Ketil Zachariassen and administrative leader Beathe Paulsen deserve special thanks for supporting the project; so does the journal Nordlit with Editor-in-Chief Michael Schmidt; and Sigmund Nesset for providing scannings of various images as well as designing the [printed] front cover. Last, but not least, we thank all authors for their rewarding collaboration. Gaudeamus igitur!
Published: 2014-12-05