Ecological Politics and Comic Redemption in Louise Erdrich’s The Antelope Wife

  • Laura Castor
Emneord (Nøkkelord): Louise Erdrich, The Antelope Wife (1998)




Laura Castor
Associate Professor Laura Castor (University of Tromsø, Faculty of Humanities, Institute for Culture and Literature, born 1957 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) has a doctorate in American studies from the University of Minnesota (1994), where she wrote her dissertation on autobiographical writing as a tool for interpreting gender, American history, and the politics of art (especially dance and theater) in twentieth century American culture. Her current research interests include autobiographical writing (especially as boundary between history and fiction), Native American literature, and gender and ethnicity in literature of the English-speaking world.
Hvordan referere
Castor, Laura. 2004. «Ecological Politics and Comic Redemption in Louise Erdrich’s <i>The Antelope Wife</I>». Nordlit, nr. 15 (juli):121–134.