Knut Hamsun—stemningsdikter


  • Atle Tord Nordøy UiT The Arctic University of Norway



Hamsun, stemming, objektiv, subjektiv


In this essay I take a closer look at the Norwegian concept of stemning, and how this concept has been applied to Hamsun’s early work.  I look at both the semantics and the history of the concept, and at Hamsun’s own use of it.  The main insight of this investigation is that stemning is a concept that is not limited to subjective or objective experience, but must be understood outside of the object/subject dichotomy.  These insights are then used in an analysis of Hamsun’s short story, ”Onde dage”, where I show that Hamsun is not trying to capture a subjective experience, but a common human reality. 

Author Biography

Atle Tord Nordøy, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Atle Tord Nordøy, f. 1974. Ph.d. student, nordisk litteraturvitenskap, UiT. Er i ferd med å ferdigstille avhandlingen Knut Hamsun – kortprosaforfatter. Lesninger i Hamsuns kortprosa 1884-1903. 




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Nordøy, Atle Tord. 2016. “Knut Hamsun—stemningsdikter”. Nordlit, no. 38 (April):30–39.

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