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Borealis: An international journal of Hispanic linguistics is born with the double goal of providing a venue for the publication and discussion of research results on all areas of Contemporary Hispanic linguistics and giving researchers easy access to high quality articles dealing with some of the most crucial unresolved issues about the Spanish language. Borealis publishes papers both in theoretical and applied linguistics about all varieties of Spanish.

Borealis. An International Journal of Hispanic Linguistics

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Call for papers Volume 3

We already accept submissions for the third volume, whose thematic section will be about mood and aspect in Spanish  
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Vol 2, No 2 (2013)

The grammar of datives and accusatives

Table of Contents

Articles on the monographic topic

Differential Object Marking in Spanish: state of the art PDF
Antonio Fábregas 1-80
Agentive reflexive clitics and transitive 'se' constructions in Spanish PDF
Grant Armstrong 81-128
(Esa tela) se la descose: la pronominalización del paciente en las impersonales reflejas del español peninsular PDF
Carlota de Benito Moreno 129-157
Information focus, syntactic weight and postverbal constituent order in Spanish PDF
Steffen Heidinger 159-190
Spanish clitic clusters PDF
María Cristina Cuervo 191-220
Differential Object Marking, Case and Agreement PDF
Javier Ormazabal, Juan Romero 221-239


Eventualities under deadjectival nominalizations PDF
Xavier Villalba 241-259
Focus on speaker subjective involvement in Present Perfect grammaticalization: Evidence from two spanish varieties PDF
José Esteban Hernández 261-284
Neutralization of the intervocalic rhotic contrast in Northern Belizean Spanish PDF
Osmer Balam 285-315

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