Å skrive om livsmot


  • Anne Clancy UiT
  • Rolf Thorsen UiT Norges arktiske universitet



Emneord (Nøkkelord):

hope, life courage, Pahuus, philosophies of place, Tillich, vital force, vital urge, håp, livsglede, livsmot, stedsfortellinger


Concerning "livsmot"

The phenomenon of ‘Livsmot’ can be expressed in a myriad of ways. This essay is the introductory text to a special issue in Nordisk Tidsskrift for Helseforskning that in its entirety concerns ‘livsmot’. The collection of essays should be of interest to students, researchers, health professionals and others. The issue highlights and discusses different philosophical approaches that can promote our understanding of what can give us courage and hope on good and bad days, in sickness and in health. The authors in the article collection write in essay form and use examples from life and research to bring forth their understanding of the phenomenon. This text contextualizes the various articles by presenting thoughts on and interpretations of ‘Livsmot’ 


Anne Clancy, UiT

Anne Clancy

Professor i sykepleie og helsefag

Sykepleierutdanningen og Master i helsesøsterfag

Institutt for helse og omsorg

UiT Norges arktiske universitet

Rolf Thorsen, UiT Norges arktiske universitet

Institutt for helse- og omsorgsfag, Harstad







Hvordan referere

Clancy, A., & Thorsen, R. (2020). Å skrive om livsmot. Nordisk Tidsskrift for Helseforskning, 15(2), 12. https://doi.org/10.7557/14.5116