No. 34 (2015): Ibsen and World Drama[s]

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Edited by Lisbeth Pettersen Wærp. Cover image by Nomen nominandum.


Nordlit 34 makes available the proceedings of the XIIIth International Ibsen Conference that was held in Tromsø on June 18–23, 2012, by UiT The Arctic University of Norway, in cooperation with The Ibsen Centre of the University of Oslo and The International Ibsen Committee. With 160 registered participants and 120 papers presented, the conference was one of the biggest international Ibsen conferences that has been held, with participants from over 40 nations and from all continents. The theme of the conference was ‘Ibsen and World Drama(s)’. Keynote speakers were Martin Puchner, Harvard University, Boston, USA; Nuruddin Farah, author, Somalia/South Africa; Sun Jian, Fudan University, Shanghai; and Narve Fulsås, UiT The Arctic University of Norway. In addition, there were two keynote panels: [i] ‘Translating Ibsen’ and [ii] ‘Inaugural Artists Keynote Panel: Applied Ibsen on Four Continents’. This was the first artist panel ever at The International Ibsen Conference, and the aim was to strengthen the dialogue between practitioners/artists and theorists/scholars. The inaugural artists keynote panel was a great success, and it is our hope that it will prove to be the first of a series. The forty-six articles printed in this volume of Nordlit are a selection of the papers presented at the conference. Whereas the conference programme was loosely organized around subtopics related to the overall conference theme, we have here divided the articles in the following groups: [i] Keynotes, [ii] Literature, [iii] Theatre, [iv] Film, [v] Reception, and [vi] Translation. In the end, there is a poem by Henning Howlid Wærp. Have a pleasant read.
Published: 2015-03-04