The Notion of Text and the Notion of Document - what Difference does it make?

  • Roswitha Skare University of Tromsø
Emneord (Nøkkelord): Vitenskapshistorie,


The origins of the notion of both text and document can be traced back to antiquity. Over the course of their respective histories – which I will not go into at this juncture – the meanings of both terms have evolved. Beyond the commonly used meanings, there are numerous other usages in various fields of specialization.


Roswitha Skare, University of Tromsø
Roswitha Skare er førsteamanuensis i dokumentasjonsvitenskap ved Universitetet i Tromsø. Hun jobber bl.a. med dokumentteori og dokumenthistorie og forholdet mellom tekst og bilde.
Hvordan referere
Skare, Roswitha. 2009. «The Notion of Text and the Notion of Document - What Difference Does It Make?». Nordlit, nr. 24 (mars):323-31.